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Packet Fusion: Connecting the Dots to the Cloud

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Matt Pingatore, CEO, Packet FusionMatt Pingatore, CEO
When it comes to innovative, cloud-based communication solutions, there’s no shortage of options. However, all of these choices present a challenge for organizations— which ones will actually fit their business needs and budget?

This is where Packet Fusion plays a vital role, connecting the dots to the cloud and mapping ways to adopt the right solutions for each company’s unified communications goals. They help them choose the best technology, ensure that all the applications work together, and implement them with minimal disruption.

Packet Fusion began by delivering voice-based business telecommunications solutions, but over the past 20 years has evolved into a cloud advisory firm that assists businesses in becoming more agile while reducing costs. Their expertise spans UCaaS, contact center, SD-WAN, and security solutions, to name a few. Their engineering team is trained and certified in top industry solutions, including 8x8.

The company’s support team positions themselves as an extension of their clients’ employees and departments with the goal to help them define needs, roles, and governance and structuring plans to get to the cloud. “We solve client’s challenges by streamlining their workflow and meeting their actual business needs,” says Matt Pingatore, CEO of Packet Fusion.

From a client onboarding standpoint, the company runs the needs analysis for all the departments within an organization from client services, success managers to outbound sales, account executives, and finance to understand their working process and tools they use. Packet Fusion then figures out ways to streamline communications through better, integrated tools.

The vast selection of cloud-based solutions makes it difficult for someone who isn’t immersed in the technology every day to determine the best options. We help companies choose the right technology, ensure all the applications work together, and implement with minimal disruption

Whether their clients prefer individualized tools for specific functions or a single unified communication infrastructure— cloud, hybrid, or on-premise—Packet Fusion caters to them all.

Additionally, Packet Fusion offers support for premised based ShoreTel/Mitel systems to ensure the communication process runs even when phone systems are down.

With a 25-year-plus reputation, Packet Fusion has many success stories. One example is Welk, a California-based developer and operator of luxury resorts and timeshares in the United States and Mexico. They handle timeshare and bookings for hundreds of resorts around the world—but they were trying to manage 750 agents in 10 contact centers with 20 different phone systems—none of which were integrated into a single solution. Collaboration, cross-selling and cross-employee help were nearly impossible.

Packet Fusion evaluated their situation and their customers’ behavior, then recommended solutions for voice, email, web chat, and social channels to increase customer engagement. They then implemented the solutions and had them up and running in eight months.

Packet Fusion is enthusiastic about building long-term relationships with value-added resellers(VARs) like 8x8, white-labelling their solutions so they can install and maintain programs and provide tech support to clients directly. Packet Fusion is planning to expand its footprint in the market. “We are looking forward to several strategic acquisitions as transformation and revenue streams in the industry,” says Pingatore.