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Top 10 Cloud Communications Consulting/Services Companies - 2019

The landscape of enterprise communications has evolved and at the centre of it, cloud-based communications service providers (CSPs) are driving innovation in the industry by empowering developers to take control of their communications. This has led to an increase in communications platform as a service (CPaaS) offerings and made XaaS more accessible.

Customer expectations also continue to change and are highly focused on quality and speed of service and support. In response, CSPs are at a crossroads, deciding where to partner with other cloud-based communications providers by consolidating services and where to compete by offering innovative features that deliver improved transparency and control to customers.

As a result of network virtualization from the increased adoption of cloud-based communications services, CSPs have automated their internal infrastructures and created software-defined networks that can collaborate with other communication applications and be offered to customers. This cloud-based movement is also changing the industry standard from CSPs specializing in vertical stand-alone services to more industry-specific offerings that facilitate collaboration and access for customers. For example, CSPs operating in this model provide customers with comprehensive industry-tailored service offerings, such as secure cloud-based reporting tools for medical and financial applications, as well as cloud-based communication capabilities for transportation and hospitality sectors. As a result, we'll continue to see cloud-based CSPs that enable CPaaS players to deliver tailored cloud voice and messaging capabilities.

The industry trend toward horizontal offerings will also positively impact CSPs by creating increased demand for their existing expertise (e.g. access to networks, local presence, billing, etc.), as well as the opportunity to partner with cloud-based providers that can help maximize expansion into a new variety of segments. In this case, CSPs with a more collaborative structure for working with partners will be able to take the next step in evolving their go-to-market approach through leveraging APIs and bundling services specific to each business customer.

The future of CSPs is full of possibilities. The migration to cloud-based models offers enterprises and their customers a host of benefits, including more enhanced user experiences, lower costs, greater scalability, and flexibility of services. As CSPs determine which route of digital transformation to choose, cloud-based trends will put added pressures on CSPs to integrate offerings or select cloud partners that will best meet customers' expectations. Lastly, CSPs and their current partners need to face the impact of becoming competitors through CPaaS-focused business solutions.

We present to you the “Top 10 Cloud Communications Consulting/Service Providers - 2019”

    Top Cloud Communications Consulting/Services Companies

  • BlackCSI is a provider of scalable telecommunication solutions focused on delivering ROI for the clients. The company has deep experience in delivering project-based services to organizations in the commercial, government, and non-profit sectors. The company’s range of products and services includes unified communications, managed services, communication and security integration, IT infrastructure design and support, IT hardware sales, help desk services, training development and delivery, project management, business and requirements analysis, system testing, and mobile solutions

  • iTel is a converged network company with the largest business data and voice footprint in Canada. Harnessing the power of multiple carriers and the best technology, the company can create an affordable network solution for any business – in even the most remote locations across the country. Based entirely in Canada, the company is able to provide a quality of support that is unmatched in the telecom industry. The company is committed to being at the cutting edge of technology and innovation to ensure the customers are getting the best solutions possible

  • Packet Fusion provides cloud advisory services, with specialized expertise in UCaaS, telecommunications, software-defined WAN (SD-WAN), collaboration, contact center, and more. The company’s support team positions themselves as an extension of their clients’ employees and departments with the goal to help them define needs, roles, and governance and structuring plans to get to the cloud. Whether their clients prefer individualized tools for specific functions or a single unified communication infrastructure—cloud, hybrid, or on-premise—Packet Fusion caters to them all. Additionally, Packet Fusion offers support for premised based ShoreTel/Mitel systems to ensure the communication process runs even when phone systems are down

  • Advance IP Voice

    Advance IP Voice

    Advace IP Voice was founded in December of 2016. Having good experience in telecom and technology industry, they deliver the best services including VoIP phone service, Internet service, and cloud based solutions. Their team has expertise to bring productivity and efficiency to your business. Advance IP Voice, stands out in the field by replacing existing phone equipment by providing whole range of services at a minimal cost. An AIPV Cloud phone system makes it easier for your customers to contact your team on-the-go, turn any location into a workplace and reduce your current expenses

  • Arroyo360, LLC

    Arroyo360, LLC

    Through their agonistic technological approach, Arroyo 360 focuses on boosting their customer's confidence and driving organizational outcomes.They provide an integrated platform for UCaaS, CCaaS, CPaaS, and connectivity.They provide modern cloud communication technologies and advanced tactics to organizations to help them increase revenue and improve customer experience. They provide consulting in AJAR to organizations, which means that Arroy360 thoughtfully outlines their statement of intent before providing service to any organization. They do so to so as to ensure that they can focus on the outcome, deliver service in less time and provide innovative solutions to the pressing problems that the customer faces

  • Cenergi


    Cenergi, the power of C provides services in cloud, connectivity, colocation, communication, control for Enterprises and, MSPs, VARs. The firm helps companies find solutions more efficiently by mapping their needs through our tools to our world-class providers. It is a Virtual Brokerage of Next Generation Technologies. They specialize in sourcing broadband and voice solutions. In addition, they also help large and medium scale industries with risk management by mitigating Business Risk (Strategy), Financial Risk (Cost of Revenues) and Technology Risk (Methodology and Techniques for Going to Market), and risks related to telecommunications and cloud services

  • Fuse Networks

    Fuse Networks

    Fuse Networks has been providing Managed IT Services and Cloud Services for businesses in and around the Pacific Northwest since 2009.Their services include proactively managing the client's servers and network infrastructure, to computers, applications and cloud services. All in all, they cover all the technological needs for organizations. Besides, they provide organizations with a technological roadmap that aligns with their business. They work by the philosophy that they need to take forward small businesses on their journey of growth by transforming their technology into an asset. They partner with many types of businesses in the area, and strive to eliminate IT issues before they cause expensive downtime, so you can continue to drive your business forward

  • K & M Communications

    K & M Communications

    It is a licensed and insured company that provides value engineering on the process of installing and servicing of Integrated Security, Audio Visual, Cloud-based Communications and Network Cabling Solutions. With over 25 years of industry experience, K & M Communications has delivered many large scale and projects and complicated national roll-outs with the ability to scale to any size project. Their key strengths include delivering the best project in the given time frame. Their value engineering process includes material selection, enhancements, serviceability, and life cycle of the infrastructure. They provide the best solution to fit the customer's requirement in the present as well as in the future

  • Onetouch Networks Inc.

    Onetouch Networks Inc.

    Standing firm on the forefront of technology, OneTouch Networks provides UCaaS/Hosted VoIP platforms for organizations. Along with their global network consulting services, they ensure on providing a cost-effective and ideal solution which guarantees maximum customer satisfaction. Onetouch Networks provides cutting-edge, easy-to-use, and scalable integrations across multiple platforms such as security services, mobility services and data services. Being Unified Communications Specialists, they are capable unifying the client's phone, instant messaging, texting, web conferencing and much more. Thus, it guides its customers to success by driving change in the way communication happens

  • Techwerxe


    TechWerxe is focused on providing companies with customized solutions for their business. They provide effective IT solutions by enabling you to be more productive, cut costs and reduce risk. As your IT partner, TechWerxe allows to focus on expanding business while providing the entire IT support. It is known for delivering enterprise level consulting without enterprise-level costs. TechWerxe have worked with companies of all sizes, and has delivered excellent innovative solutions for various businesses. At Techwerxe, business needs are understood and provided the best in class solution by leveraging cutting-edge technology and making it available to all at an affordable rate