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Ruthann Black, President, BlackCSIRuthann Black, President
SMBs are migrating to the cloud and that is not a surprise considering the numerous benefits the cloud can offer them. For a SMB, the cloud is a cost efficient and secure answer to their growing data needs and IT security requirements. While are many benefits of storing data on the cloud, SMBs need to comprehend their needs before migrating to cloud. Enter BlackCSI. A full service telecommunications consulting firm, BlackCSI offers a wide range of cloud communication services to create better data understanding for SMBs while keeping them connected with the world. The company has partnerships with over 70 providers that offer virtually any type of telecommunications solution to meet your needs including local, long distance and cellular telephone services, internet, wide area networking, phone systems (hosted and premise), and conferencing (audio, video, web).

What steers the company ahead is its competent team. BlackCSI’s experts continue to manage the client’s solution implementation and be an integral part of supporting their operations together with its expansive partner network. The company is vendor-neutral when matching the client’s requirements to the best solution, allowing it to be a trusted advisor for all telecommunications decisions.

Recently, BlackCSI announced that WebRTC (Real-Time Communications) is set to change the way companies communicate. WebRTC is a way to make phone calls, video calls, send instant messages, and share files with nothing but a web browser. WebRTC is already compatible with an estimate of over 2 billion browsers and is being supported by the major players, including Apple, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, and Opera.
This means companies who want to connect with their customers won’t need their customers to call in through a phone number nor will they be forced to download an app beforehand in order to interact. Communication is poised to become more seamless than ever before, which is a huge opportunity for enhancing customer experience. “We’re very excited for WebRTC to reach the mainstream,” states Ruthann Black, the president of BlackCSI. “With WebRTC, we’re actively innovating and figuring out new ways to enhance the customer experience across dozens of industries. This is one of those global innovations that changes things permanently. Mark my words, this is going to be revolutionary for the way we communicate and how business gets done in the modern world.”

With WebRTC, we’re actively innovating and figuring out new ways to enhance the customer experience across dozens of industries

WebRTC at its simplest is about elevating the way we all connect. It represents the pent-up customer demand for faster, more personalized and efficient communication with businesses of the future. BlackCSI is advising and assisting businesses as a trusted technology advisor to help them not only to navigate this transition, but to increase their bottom-line by leveraging this new and exciting technology.

Since WebRTC was first founded in 2002 by Black, the company has provided small and medium-sized businesses with comprehensive IT support and consulting services. WebRTC’s mission is to maximize the client’s return on investment by providing the kind of technology management services that are ordinarily reserved for large enterprises. From IT network management, unified communications to physical and logical security integration and much more, BlackCSI is committed to providing quality services to our clients with honest communication that you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere, for prices that are fair and affordable. “We are dedicated to serving our clients by listening to them, learning about the problems that they face, clarifying our process to maintain transparency, and reiterating how our solutions are of benefit to those we assist,” informs Black.



Ruthann Black, President

BlackCSI is a provider of scalable telecommunication solutions focused on delivering ROI for the clients. The company has deep experience in delivering project-based services to organizations in the commercial, government, and non-profit sectors. The company’s range of products and services includes unified communications, managed services, communication and security integration, IT infrastructure design and support, IT hardware sales, help desk services, training development and delivery, project management, business and requirements analysis, system testing, and mobile solutions