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Alan Rihm, CEO, CoreDialAlan Rihm, CEO
Across various enterprises and industry verticals, business growth and enhancement depend majorly on an uninterrupted and unified communication, not only with clients but also among the employees. With all the disengaged and specialized collaboration methods available, it becomes highly complex for users to communicate effectively. Working with several applications and pieces of hardware for enabling communication with colleagues and carrying out their operations seamlessly can prove to be a hassle. The ever-changing space of unified communications and telecommunications has gone far beyond just VoIP hosting services and has brought about the need for white-label cloud services. This provides companies with the capability to stay on the cutting-edge of new cloud communications technology and be better equipped to offer better customer experience instead of entirely focusing on product development. To this end, CoreDial provides support and guidance to its clients via its built-from-the-ground-up UCaaS platform CoreNexa and its multi-faceted and comprehensive SaaS platform committed to enabling productive and simpler communications.

Since its inception 13 years ago, CoreDial is resolute in assisting managed service providers (MSPs), value-added resellers (VARs), and IT solutions providers to roll out the best-in-house and reliable white label unified communications solutions. This goal has found its realization in its in-house platform CoreNexa, which proffers robust end-user communications experience, along with other features such as the UC Client, Mobile clients for iOS and Android, and an omnichannel cloud contact center solution. CoreNexa was established to offer an effective platform to enable strong cloud communications business. The platform allows better partnership opportunities by providing added value to its current market share and aims to chase a larger share of the UCaaS market. UCaaS also helps streamline all communications, removes unnecessary information barriers, and transforms the workplace into a collaborative and cohesive system.

Our purpose is to help our clients make the most of our platform and business model, and deliver high-value, margin-rich UCaaS services to their customers

The UC client is the core capability of CoreNexa, which makes it easier for clients to communicate regularly within their work environment and allows clients not to switch between devices, applications and screens and offers all interactions over a single cloud-based software platform. This is a time saver for clients and enables efficient communications. It also boosts and modernizes traditional communications systems via a potent phone, messaging, video conferencing system, and directory/contact management platform that can be easily integrated within the clients’ systems and is easily accessible through any device.

Additionally, the CoreNexa contact centre provides desktops to agents, which can fully integrate with voice, email, web, SMS, and CRM solutions, allowing call control or pop-up screens based on Caller ID, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) information, or customer data from a CRM. These further results in giving businesses the advantage of connecting with customers simply and efficiently and aggregate tools needed by the end-users to meet their requirements. CoreDial also offers business phone systems (PBX) and VoIP to equip clients with feature-rich solutions, with limitless call routing features, cloud contact center capability, and leading application integration for business enhancement, while meeting their needs at every step of the way.

With its powerful unified communications platform, it also provides applications and plugins including Microsoft Outlook Integration, Salesforce Plugin, URL Agents, and operator console that comes together in their first API feature rollout. Partnering with the company has proved to be very beneficial for the clients as it has enabled to integrate easily with customer processes and streamline their calling ability. The clients can also create custom integrations and applications of their choice. CoreDial’s infrastructure provides a competitive edge to its clients by integrating the CoreNexa platform with carrier-grade network infrastructure and dual call control platforms, which finally leads to the generation of predictable and recurring revenue. “Our purpose is to help our clients make the most of our platform and business model, and deliver high-value, margin-rich UCaaS services to their customers,” concludes Alan Rihm, CEO of CoreDial.