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Danny Rink, CEO, iTel Networks Inc.Danny Rink, CEO
Dealing with different companies for business phones and internet can be a headache as organizations are stuck with expensive, pre-made packages and a technical support nightmare if anything goes down. Enter iTel Networks Inc. With its unrivalled “network of networks”, the company can build a seamless custom solution for an entire telecommunications infrastructure.

A converged network company, iTel harnesses the power of multiple carriers and the best technology, which enables them to create an affordable network solution for any business—in even the most remote locations across the country. “We’re on a mission to build the most extensive network of business communications services in the country,” says Danny Rink, the CEO of iTel. Through its technology, the company offers fiber, cable, and ADSL internet, MPLS networking, bonded internet, hosted PBX systems, cloud services and more.

iTel’s complete end-to-end voice system, iTel Managed Voice covers every single aspect of the client’s business phones. The company’s Hosted PBX offers burstable capacity and the assurance that your phone lines will never ring busy—ever. The clients only pay for the lines that they use, but when they need more during peak times, iTel can automatically burst your line capacity to handle the influx of calls. iTel Managed Voice comes with an industry-leading 100 percent uptime guarantee. The company offers triple redundant emergency recovery ensuring the client’s phone lines stay up with off-site hosting and call routing.

As per benefit goes, through iTel Managed Voice, clients can share their resources and seamlessly route calls between all the office locations.

We’re on a mission to build the most extensive network of business communications services in the country

Instead of hiring a receptionist for each branch location, a hosted PBX allows them to hire one receptionist to answer company-wide calls from across the country and route them accordingly, which saves the incurred costs. The clients enjoy a phone system that grows with their business. Hosted PBX systems live in the cloud, which means upgrades are accomplished with the click of a button. Additionally, clients can easily scale by adding extra phone sets and switches when needed, without any costly upgrades.

On the cloud services side, the company offers iTel Sync that creates backup for files and individual users in your organization. Rest easy knowing your company’s sensitive data travels on a private, layer 2 path straight to the core where it is protected at multiple iTel data centres for 100 percent redundancy and disaster recovery. When bundled with an iTel connection, the clients’ data is hosted in Canada and guaranteed to stay within the country. It will never traverse the public internet and never be viewed by any third-party.

Having carved a unique niche in the cloud communication space, iTel’s growth is continuing as their footprint expands south of the border. Increasingly, American partners and clients are looking for ways to support sites in both the US and Canada, and iTel is working to be ready for them. For the future, the company will continue to develop new technologies and software to keep iTel efficient, and that allow them to sell innovative solutions to our customers that reduce their costs significantly. iTel will deploy the very best technologies and services to its customers. Further, iTel strives to push technology forward, establishing us as a key player in the tech market as it evolves and grows. “It is incredibly unlikely new tech will hit the market that we have not used or integrated already due to our overall high agility compared to other service providers,” concludes Rink.

iTel Networks Inc.


Danny Rink, CEO

iTel is a converged network company with the largest business data and voice footprint in Canada. Harnessing the power of multiple carriers and the best technology, the company can create an affordable network solution for any business – in even the most remote locations across the country. Based entirely in Canada, the company is able to provide a quality of support that is unmatched in the telecom industry. The company is committed to being at the cutting edge of technology and innovation to ensure the customers are getting the best solutions possible