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Nick Payab, COO and Co-founder, UniVoIPNick Payab, COO and Co-founder
Seamless communication capability is a critical component of the customer experience equation today. There is an imperative need for enterprises to streamline customer interactions across the multitude of communication touchpoints—from social media, e-mail, text, and web-based chatbots— into a unified system. Meanwhile, with mobility and remote work taking center stage, communication channels within enterprises are also undergoing drastic evolution.

Although the idea of unified communications (UC) answers the need for streamlining communications within an enterprise, a more relevant question today is: can a centralized UC infrastructure weave in customer communication requirements as well, by taking into consideration factors such as requisite VoIP devices, easy adoption, and budget-friendliness? Answering this question from a contact center and enterprise-advantage standpoint is UniVoIP, a company that has over 14 years of experience in the enterprise communications landscape.

Headquartered in El Segundo, CA, UniVoIP offers a cloud-based, multi-channel contact center solution, OfficeConnect, along with a unified communication and collaboration suite, and a range of VoIP phones and softphone applications that go with the core offerings. “Our multimedia contact center application enables enterprises to serve their clients in the most efficient and modern way possible,” says Nick Payab, COO and co-founder of UniVoIP.

By partnering with UniVoIP, enterprises can improve the customer experience by engaging customers through multiple channels—be it webchat, e-mail, SMS, or social media, as well as configurable IVRs. The Unified Communications-as-a- Service (UCaaS) solution, OfficeConnect, is offered in a pay-as-you-operate (and scale) model that relieves the business from capex burdens. “Our clients don’t come across difficulties while adding new users as the scaling process is very smooth,” says Nick Payab.

Contact center supervisors get access to voice and screen recording of agents that will help them fine-tune operations and training

UniVoIP also brings detailed analytical reporting of contact center communications that can be easily scrutinized by managers. “Contact center supervisors get access to voice and screen recording of agents that will help them fine-tune operations and training,” Payab adds.

Along with handling customer communications, OfficeConnect serves as a one-stop solution for employee collaboration—be it audio and video calling, conferencing, instant messaging and group chatting, or file sharing. The solution seamlessly integrates with several workflow applications that exist in the clients’ environment. Further, all communications through OfficeConnect are encrypted using SRTP with 128-bit AES encryption that complies with federal standards.

In one implementation highlight, a credit union organization that was on the lookout for upgrading their communication system opted to partner with UniVoIP instead of a couple of “household names” in the enterprise communications space. The client was delighted with UniVoIP’s IVR and member engagement capabilities. “Now they get to enjoy technology driven by analytics and benefits of mobile-optimized cloud collaboration tools that motivate employees and help them maintain customer intimacy from any device, anywhere. With business intelligence tools to improve contact center operations, their members are receiving personalized experience via video, voice, and webchats,” says Payab. The client was also able to significantly reduce their hold time through UniVoIP’s solution.

UniVoIP adopts a consultative approach and goes the extra mile in helping clients get set up and running with their solutions. This includes customization to provide unique experiences and training sessions for admins and users. Another key differentiator of UniVoIP is the 24/7 live US-based customer support that they provide at no charge. Not many UC solution providers can boast of such commitment to service.

With hundreds of satisfied clients in the UC and contact center space, UniVoIP is planning to incorporate more elements of process automation and AI-powered analytics into their solution. “We listen when others don’t. And when you listen, you can deliver the desired outcome. I think that is what sets us apart from the big companies.” concludes Payab.


El Segundo, CA

Nick Payab, COO and Co-founder

UniVoIP emerged in 2005 from Telenet VoIP, Inc, a leading-edge company, founded in 1977, dedicated to high-quality design and installation of integrated systems. Powered by a team with over 40 years of experience together, UniVoIP is a pioneering leader in Hosted VoIP and UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) solutions for organizations nationwide. UniVoIP offers comprehensive business communication platforms, multimedia contact center functionality, cloud-based collaborative and productivity tools, mobility applications, custom application integration with existing business systems and a world-renowned suite of advanced IP phones with mobile integration functionality. The principle product, OfficeConnect™, is an extremely robust and highly flexible solution delivering 500+ PBX, Contact Center and Unified Communication features via private, public or hybrid networking options in a multi-instance infrastructure environment